Hi. Jade, 28, lifetime Londoner. Lives with ‘the boy’ – owners of thelittlevic. We both have 9-7 jobs, that are well… jobs and we spend most of our free time trying to balance making progress on thelittlevic and not missing out on life outside of these four walls. We didn’t intend to take on a project, but that’s what happened. Here’s how..

About the Search

Two years ago, the boy and I, a pair of doey eyed first time buyers whose biggest joint commitment was a shared ipad, embarked on a house search that pushed us so far, we eventually crossed a line we could never come back from; a very big wet line otherwise known as the river Thames. For those of you living in London, you’ll know what a big deal this was, for those of you thinking ‘big deal’, here’s an info pic by youGov that might provide some context.


As Kirsty and Phil keep telling us, you can’t have it all and 5 mins in, we were catching their vibe – in our budget, we were looking at a one bed basement flat north of the river, or a place to grow into in the south. And so, what turned out to be a year-long property search began. Back and forth on the train every weekend, countless horrible open days, 5 rejected offers and two accepted offers that later fell through and the outlook was bleak. We’ve all heard about the rising property prices in London and the reality of that was we were now being asked to pay an extra £100K for properties we had ruled out at the start as not quite good enough. Our wish list had become so stripped back, it was starting to look like someone had been at it with a wallpaper steamer, until we were left with nothing but –

  1. Half decent commute
  2. In our budget
  3. Period property

On the 13 March 2014, it happened, thelittlevic was ours. Unlike most house searches, I can’t say that she was ’the one’, but only, she was ‘the one that would have us’. Well, good enough for me! We’d finally got a place of our own and we had literally no idea what lay ahead – let the good times roll.

About thelittlevic

thelittlevic is a two story ‘little Victorian terrace’ set over split levels. In fact, to me, she’s not little at all, but relative to the inspo pics I torture myself with, she’s a lady of petite proportions.

Downstairs there’s a through lounge, what was a downstairs shower, a storage cupboard and a kitchen. Upstairs there’s a bathroom and 3 double bedrooms. The official line at the time was that the living spaces, bedrooms and hallway needed ‘patching up,’ whilst the kitchen, shower room, and bathroom would all need replacing ‘eventually’.

But within the first month, the shower was leaking into the kitchen, the boiler had given up and removing a bit of wallpaper resulted in removing a lot of the wall. There wasn’t a moment when it happened, it sort of just crept up on us. One thing led to another and before long our ‘little’ Victorian terrace was getting a full makeover and it was like two wildlings looking up at the wall with the seven kingdoms on the other side and no idea how to get there.